alligator 1.0.0-alpha-1


This release modernizes the codebase, and drops Python 2 as well as Beanstalk/beanstalkc support.


  • Removed Beanstalk support. (SHA: 368db30)

    Note: This is due to the lack of Python 3 support in the beanstalkc library. If this changes in the future, we’ll re-evaluate adding it back in.

  • Updated the SQS backend to boto3. (SHA: ee80d69 & c6fd671)


  • Changed Task.async to Task.is_async, due to async being a reserved word in modern Python 3. (SHA: bf98511)
  • Updated all dependencies to more current versions. (SHA: 1d368e3)
  • Fixed the Redis backend’s tests. (SHA: e793aa9)
  • Fixed the worker process to correctly exit during testing. (SHA: 9b7b486)