alligator 0.7.1


This release adds lots of documentation & release notes, as well as bugfixes to make Workers less unnecessarily busy & fixes argument handling in


  • Tutorial improvements. (SHA:981503a, SHA:c3b26ee & SHA:34fe5ab)
  • Added the Best Practices docs. (SHA:0d9ea2e)
  • Filled in the Extending docs. (SHA:b0cf130, SHA:1d472d5 & SHA:8eb158c)


  • Eventually fixed Travis CI support. (SHA:f264b59, SHA:a8833d8, SHA:3f74b25, SHA:3968cef & SHA:f6358e4)
  • Fixed how unnecessarily busy Worker.run_forever() was. (SHA:7b242fc)
  • Fixed the argument handling in (SHA:18c5e0a)