Installing Alligator

Installation of Alligator itself is a relatively simple affair. For the most recent stable release, simply use pip to run:

$ pip install alligator

Alternately, you can download the latest development source from Github:

$ git clone
$ cd alligator
$ python install

Queue Backends

Alligator includes a Local Memory Client, which is useful for development or testing (no setup required). However, this is not very scalable.

For production use, you should install one of the following servers used for queuing:


A in-memory data structure server, it offers excellent speed as well as being a frequently-already-installed server. Official releases can be found at

You can also install via other package managers:

# On Mac with Homebrew
$ brew install redis

# On Ubuntu
$ sudo aptitude install redis


Support for beanstalk is coming in a future release.